Lapi Vision (FM Pen Free)

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Lapi Vision is a electronic Pen which contains five products in one: Video camera, Audio Recorder, Photo camera, USB memory and looks and writes like a pen. Press a button at the top of the pen to start recording then presses it again to turn it off. Inside the pen is a switch to select between photos or videos. To be able to see the photos or video, unscrew the top part of the pen and introduce the USB connection to your PC.



  • LAPIVISION is hard to detect.

  • Easy to use.

  • Looks and writes like a pen.

  • Excellent Quality Digital Photo Camera.

  • Video Camera: You can share photos and videos with your relatives and friends.

  • Audio Recorder: You can record business deals and more…

  • USB Memory: You can save videos , photos and documents to have with you all the time.

  • School: Excellent way to record class and revise it at home.

  • Eliminates the use of multiple devices.

  • It can be used at parties, activities, business deals, school, and many other places. All you need is a little bit of imagination.



  • Lapi Vision Pen
  • FM Radio Pen (Free)
  • Earphone Set (Free)
  • Dr. Vac Ear cleaner

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