Hover Disc

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Patented Mylar Balloon      
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Astonish your friends with the amazing, gravity-defying Hover Disc.

The innovative hover disc is a cross between a frisbee and a balloon. Made of very lightweight materials, the disc has a circumference of approximately 34 inches. Even before you add air or helium the disc will fly through the air not unlike a like a large, flat frisbee. But add helium or air and you can make the disc perform unusual tricks with a little bit of practice. The disc's lightweight material may make it easy to puncture, but you can cover any holes with clear packing tape and you can also add more air or helium through the fill valve when it starts to lose its shape. The hover disc is designed for indoor and outdoor use but be careful when you play with it outside because it could easily blow away in strong winds. Helium not included.