Rainbow Art

Make Creative Art With Ease
Non Drip, Non Toxic Colours    
HBN India

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Rainbow Art is the only product where you can simultaneously pick up several colors on one brush without the colors mixing. Traditional watercolors only provide you with the opportunity of a one dimensional small brush head, picking up only one color at a time.

With the amazing Rainbow Art, you have three sizes of brushes capable of picking multiple colors at a time ! In addition to the exclusive artistic techniques possible with Rainbow Art, it also provides the opportunity to learn geometrical shapes, color combinations and better manual dexterity for children. All this without the mess of traditional paints and colors.

Rainbow Art is non toxic and fast drying You can use virtually any type of paper to work on, and cleans up easily.




  • Dip to dampen your sponge brush, and you're ready to create loads of exciting drawings!
  • Loaded with 6 different, non drip paints
  • Paint by sweeping or dabbing with the fast drying colours.
  • Swap paints to mix up the colour combinations.
  • Create amazing, non mess pictures and cards - wherever you are!!