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Hurom Slow Juicer is an international quality juicer from Korea that makes use of SST (Slow Squeeze Technology) to extract high nutrient rich fruit and vegetable juices. The juice extracted using Hurom Slow Juicer is rich in nutritional value and taste. Drinking fresh nutritional juice is the most effective way to provide your body the essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and enzymes. Hurom Slow Juicer can also be used for making tasty juice, shakes, sorbet, smoothies, ice cream etc.


Idea Behind a Slow Juicer:

Regular juicer's frictional heat and impact from high speed rotation makes juice lose its natural and rich taste, flavor and color but Hurom Slow Juicer doesn't damage the raw ingredients with frictional heat. With Hurom Slow Juicer you can make 5 times more nutritional juices than a regular juicer.



Squeezing Type : 2nd generation SST™
Chamber Type : 2nd generation chamber
Chamber Capacities : 16.9 oz (500 ml)
Cap type : Juice cap type


Color- White
Cord Length- 4.5 ft.
Dimensions- 6.6 x 9.3 x15.7 in.
Motor- Single Phase Induction (A/C)
Power Consumption- 150 W
RPM- 43 rpm
Voltage- 230 - 240V
Weight- 14 lbs
Fuse- 125V 5A - 250V 8A
Standard usage time- Less than 30 minutes continuously


  • Masticating/Chewing technology
  • Fruits and Vegetables are crushed and pressed to extract fresh juices
  • Noiseless
  • Does not produce frictional heat
  • More amount of juice
  • Less Foam, clear juice
  • Juices last for long hours
  • Low power consumption - 150watts
  • Made of High Grade food quality Plastic


Recipe Book worth Rs. 3000 with recipes for making tasty juice, shakes, sorbet, smoothies, ice cream and many more.



10 years on Motor and 2 year on body


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