Wrench and Gripp with Bag

Wrench & Gripp with Tool Bag
All in 1 Wrench System
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Wrench and Gripp is a multipurpose wrench system, it is universal wrench for all nuts and bolts. This take cares of all the maintenance and repair work at home and elsewhere. It is highly efficient, practical and very easy to use DIY tool. It automatically fits to the size and shape of nuts and bolts. Since the wrench head self-adjusts and fits the nuts and bolts automatically, the wrenches serve all the purposes. This wrench is ergonomically made to promote easy handling. It is lightweight and very portable. This is a preferable tool for professionals and amateurs as well, this wrench fits all sizes so one does not need to carry a whole set of different wrenches.

This multipurpose DIY tool helps in tackling multiple sized wrenches on your own. The product comprises of a set of two different wrenches that suits all nuts and bolts ranging from 9mm to 32mm. Small wrench has a different-sized head on each end, while the large wrench has a single large head for bigger nuts and bolts. However, both can be used for all the different purposes irrespective of their size and shape, as these wrenches adapt themselves according to its usage. You can use wrench and gripp wrenches saving your time and money for tackling daily problems with taps, valves, pipes, lines, wheels, and other plumbing, carpentry and outdoor related problems. This comes with a attractive bag to keep wrench & gripp as well as all other tools handy while working. This helps you save time while repairing as you do not need to seach for the tools. 



  • Universal wrenches for all nuts and bolts
  • Automatically fits to the size and shape of nuts and bolts
  • Instant solution to your problems with taps, valves, pipes and piping, wheels, etc.
  • Easy working with just one hand movement
  • Lightweight and self-adjusting¬†
  • Easily fits to all the bolts ranging from 9mm to 32mm
  • Efficient, Practical, Light weight and potable
  • It can helps in tackling all types of nuts and bolts be it of any shape or size.
  • The product provides secure grip to hold it strongly while working due to its rubberized grip.
  • It makes the repairing task for nuts and bolts more affordable and uncomplicated.
  • Bag to keep all your tools at one place.


  • Wrench and Grip - Large - (24-32mm nuts & bolts)
  • Wrench and Grip - Small - (Medium End 16-22mm nuts & bolts, Small End 9-14mm nuts & bolts)
  • Bag to keep all tools handy and well arranged

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