Talking Teacher with Talking Pen

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Teacher Talking Pen helps the children to develop their creativeness, imaginations and potentials. Through its kids’ educational toys, children can able to imagine what they are going to do in each piece of building blocks, and suddenly create with their own ideas. Talking Teacher Pen is a unique education tool, in the shape of a pen that recites the written text or even more, e.g. dialogue by the characters, clues to play the game on the pages etc. When reader use Talking Teacher Pen to touch a book, the preloaded audio file is activated and spoken by the speaker inside the Talking Teacher Pen.


  • Learning in kid's own comfort zone
  • Saturates a child's curiosity
  • Talking Pen helps to Comprehend Concepts
  • Voice tracnslations in choice of language
  • Motivates intellectual Brains development
  • Innovative description of words & objects
  • Develops Self Learning Confidence
  • Improves Concentration
  • Proper Pronunciation
  • Promotes Early Reading Habit
  • Stories in Multiple Languages
  • Improves Vocabulary & Pronunciations

How to Read a BOOK?

Select a book - Point on the book's logo on the cover of the book with the magic talking pen, hear the selected book's name. As the desired book is selected, you will hear a click. Each time to begina book you should clickthe logo to confirm the selected book.

Read the Page - As you confirm the book selection, flip the page and start reading. Point the pen vertically on the word you want to read. Remember to hold the pen slightly away from the page.

For story books - Pointon the icons showing language of the story. Select the desired language and hear the story in the language you want to.



1. Talking Pen 1
2. Earphones 1
3. USB Cable 1
4. Batteries 2
5. Books 15 
  • Alphabets (English & Hindi)
  • My First Vocabulary - Vol 1, 2
  • My First Words - Vol 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • 1 Nursery Rhymes
  • Story Books - 4 (Andy and his Accordion, The Wicked Little Witch, Akbar Birbal Tales - 2)