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Portable Steamer Iron
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The Cloud is a handheld steamer which is much faster than a traditional iron. It does not damage your clothes and saves your time, money and efforts. It has high pressure steam chamber and base wich produces controlled bursts of very hot steam for professional results. Thanks to the multipurpose head it is suitable for all types of fabric, even for fabrics with ease. Cloud Steamer does not flatten like an iron, but smoothes out by means of a continuous vapor stream. This protects the tissues of clothes, making it soft and fresh. So it is perfect for all types of fabric, silk, velvet, cotton and delicate garments, as well as table cloths, bedspreads, sofas and curtains. It removes wrinkles, firms, kills bacteria and removes odours all at once.
There is no need for temperature adjustments, it does not burn the clothes and removes wrinkles. Fast and convenient ironing is not the only advantage of Cloud steamer, this device removes unpleasant odors too (eg cigarette smoke) and bacteria also. You can use it to disinfect the carpets or upholstery. 

How To Use

It is very easy to use. Just fill the tank, press the button and instantly you have steam. The creases disappear in minutes without even removing the clothes from hanger.

  • Safe for all types of materials silk, cotton, velvet and all delicate fabrics
  • No need for temperature adjustments, does not burn, remove wrinkles and firms
  • Saves time and space
  • It kills bacteria and removes odors at once
  • Removes wrinkles without damaging fabric
  • Professional quality product
  • Easy to use, transport and store
  • Ready for use within a few seconds
  • Works without any chemicals
  • Power-1000Watt
  • VCloud Steamer - 1
  • Accessory for wool brush - 1
  • Accessory for textile and upholstery - 1
  • Accessory for creases - 1
  • Measuring cup - 1
  • Cleaning brush- 1



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