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Forever Bare - 80 Gm

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The Natural Hair Inhibitor cream is the revolutionary product made of natural and 100% safe ingredients which gradually restrict the growth of unwanted hair. The potent formula of foreverbare inhibits the hair follicle cell activity at the hair root level so that you can enjoy soft, silky and smoother skin for longer duration. Foreverbare is a scientifically proven natural hair inhibitor for both men and women to get rid of the life long battle with unwanted body hair permanently. Smooth, unblemished and hairless skin makes a one feel clean, hygienic and beautiful. It boots confidence and self-esteem. It’s natural actives works effectively on all unwanted hair of the body.

FOREVERBARE is Natural hair inhibitor made with natural and 100% safe herbal ingredients, telocapil, Carrot seed oil , Vitamin - A, B and C, Biotin, VIT B5, Sea Butter, Argon oil, tocopherol and papin, combining modern science and 21st century Veda’s to reduce hair growth with ease.The advance magic formula interrupts the first stage of hair growth at anlagen stage and stops the growth of new hair follicles. it weaken the already existing hair growth style, this means if any new hair comes out than it will grow thinner and lighter and make you to forget everything about painful experiences that you went through during hair removal process again and again in short spans.


  • Natural and 100% safe ingredients
  • Its natural ingredients work on all unwanted body hair
  • Permanent hair growth reduction
  • Minimize the need of hair remover.
  • Get hairless smooth and glowing skin for long duration.
  • Allow you to wear modern lifestyle dressing.
  • No Paraben and SLS / SLES


  • Remove hair from desired area using your regular hair removal method
  • Take enough quantity of Foreverbare and apply on the area
  • Massage gently until foreverbare is absorbed inside the skin
  • Use twice daily for 5 days after every hair removal session


Aqua, Carrot, Seed Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin B5, Shea Butter, Argon Oil, Tocopherol, Hydroxy Cinnamic Acid, Papain.


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