Vibration Massage Station

Achieve results like never before.
The effortless way to trim, tone and slim    
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Vibration Massage Machine features advanced technology for toning muscle, reshaping and re sculpting the body without the need for exercising or costly Gym memberships.

Achieve results like never before. Reduce the strain and the amount of time exercising. Apart from this the Vibration Massage Machine can also help to alleviate pains and ailments, as well as general well-being. It can be used in a number of different positions to target specific areas. The handle bar provides that extra support and something to lean on while standing on the machine.




The Vibration Massage Machine transmits a powerful sequence of vibrations which are specifically designed to activate and stimulate the muscle walls of the body. The movement of the vibration plate simulates the body's natural "stretch reflex" (tonic vibration reflex motion). This vibration causes gentle and rapid contractions allowing the muscles to work as a pump which promotes blood circulation to even the smallest blood vessel. This helps to assist the body in ridding excess waste products quicker which in turn increases circulation, body flexibility and breaking down of cellulite.

It can also help to treat health symptoms such as poor blood circulation, increased joint mobility, eliminating fatigue, improving metabolism, preventing osteoporosis, relieving aches and high blood pressure. It is also beneficial for the fitness conscious with helping to break down cellulite and lymphatic draining, firm and toning problems areas, improving the elasticity of skin and enhancing overall performance for athletes.

With multiple speed setting you can adjust the vibrations to suit you whatever level of fitness you are at. Raved about by celebrities, musicians and sports stars. Find out for yourself and start enjoying the benefits of vibration technology today!





  • Helps to eliminate fatigue

  • Promotes and increases metabolism

  • Helps to relieves backache, headaches, tension, migraines and high blood pressure

  • Improves health and fitness levels

  • Firms and tones elasticity of the skin and muscles

  • Great for athletes to help enhance performance

  • Variable Speed Options

  • Convenient to use at home or at the office

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to use

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